ASSIGNMENT >> 16. Read “Completing Conditions Formulas.”


The Ethics Conditions Formulas flow, one to the next, with the first step of one formula directly following the final step of the previous formula.

But what do you do if your stat graph indicates you’ve moved up a condition before you even have a chance to finish a formula? Do you just drop that formula and start on the next one? The answer is “No.” One completes the formula he has begun.

Here’s an example. An Executive Director in looking over his statistics sees that they are in Emergency. He immediately sees to it that the “Promote” step of the Emergency Formula is begun. Once that is well in hand, he begins to “Change his operating basis.” He gets on-the-job training actions being done on some of his sales staff and puts three more personnel into one of his major production areas.

But before he has a chance to do each of the remaining steps of the Emergency Formula, the income and delivery statistics move up into Normal Operation.

What does he do? Well, he is now in a Condition of Normal by statistics. But the Normal Formula would also cause him to complete the Emergency Formula, because in the Normal Formula you drop out what is unsuccessful and you push what was successful; what was successful here was the Emergency Formula. Thus, this Executive Director can get continued improvement on the graph by completing the Emergency Formula as the actions on the Emergency Formula are what got him to Normal so quickly. So he would push them until they were completed fully. This doesn’t mean he is still in an Emergency Condition—the stats are now rising and the condition is Normal. It’s a bit of an oddball thing.

As another example, suppose someone is doing a Junior Danger Formula. The person goes step by step through the procedure and writes up his or her overts and withholds and any known out-ethics situation and starts applying the Personal Danger Formula. But before he completes the formula, his stats rise. It would be dangerous indeed for this person to not finish the Danger Formula (e.g., getting done the “Reorganize your life” and “Formulate and adopt firm policy” steps of the Danger Formula).

That one’s stats rise before completing a formula doesn’t mean he can’t go into the higher condition his stats now indicate. However, it would be a grave fault not to complete the undone steps of an earlier formula. So, as in the above examples, one has to complete the earlier formula, then complete the next formula and continue on as his graph dictates.

Completing a formula is very vital. One doesn’t just name a formula. He gets it completed.