give (someone) an acknowledgment. See also acknowledgment in this glossary.


something said or done to inform another that his statement or action has been noted, understood and received.


love, liking or any other emotional attitude; the degree of liking. The basic definition of affinity is the consideration of distance, whether good or bad.

ARC Triangle:

a triangle which is a symbol of the fact that affinity, reality and communication act together to bring about understanding. No point of the triangle can be raised without also raising the other two points, and no point of it can be lowered without also lowering the other two points.


weakened or impaired in force; made less effective.


an interchange of ideas across space between two individuals.

communication line:

the route along which a communication travels from one person to another.


to face without flinching or avoiding. The ability to confront is actually the ability to be there comfortably and perceive.


an idea or opinion or thought.


the words or passages of text that come before or after a particular word that help to explain or determine its full meaning; the general sense of a word or a clarification of it.


all sides the same.


the action of leveling or sloping the ground so as to make an even surface for a roadbed.


a supporting principle; the chief element in a system; that upon which the remainder rests or depends. A keystone is the stone of an arch (typically the uppermost stone), which being the last put in, is regarded as keying or locking the whole structure together.


irrational or inappropriate emotion. It is a coined word taken from mis- (wrong) + emotion. To say that a person was mis-emotional would indicate that the person did not display the emotion called for by the actual circumstances of the situation. Being mis-emotional would be synonymous with being irrational. One can fairly judge the rationality of any individual by the correctness of the emotion he displays in a given set of circumstances. To be joyful and happy when circumstances call for joy and happiness would be rational. To display grief without sufficient present time cause would be irrational.


of or having to do with conservative policies and practices of the past.


a special form of personal counseling, unique in Scientology, which helps an individual look at his own existence and improves his ability to confront what he is and where he is. Processing is a precise, thoroughly codified activity with exact procedures.


that which appears to be. Reality is fundamentally agreement; the degree of agreement reached by people. What we agree to be real is real.


Scientology is a practical religion dealing with the study of knowledge, which through application of its technology can bring about desirable changes in the conditions of life. It was developed over a third of a century by L. Ron Hubbard. The term Scientology is taken from the Latin word scio (knowing, in the fullest meaning of the word) and the Greek word logos (study of). Scientology is further defined as the study and handling of the spirit in relationship to itself, universes and other life.


something which solves or settles; something which has the power to cause to disappear or vanish such things as problems, situations or the like.


the methods of application of an art or science as opposed to mere knowledge of the science or art itself. In Scientology, the term technology refers to the methods of application of Scientology principles to improve the functions of the mind and rehabilitate the potentials of the spirit, developed by L. Ron Hubbard.


a person, point or position which can receive, relay or send a communication.


a particular mental state or disposition; spirit, character or mood.


a variation of tooth and nail, with the use of one’s teeth and nails as weapons; by biting and scratching. Used figuratively in the way of vigorous attack, defense or action generally; vigorously, fiercely, with one’s utmost efforts, with all one’s might.


pains, extreme anxieties or emotional torments or sufferings resulting from mental or physical hardship.