ASSIGNMENT >> 15. Read “Organizing.”


In order to organize something one only has to:

1. Establish what is the final product.

2. Work backwards in sequence to establish the earlier products necessary to make each next product and which all in a row add up to the final product.

3. Post it in terms of vertical greater and greater completeness of product to get command channels.

4. Adjust it for flows.

5. Assign its communication sequence.

6. Work out the doing resulting in each product. Write these as functions and actions with all skills included.

7. Name these as posts.

8. Post it.

9. Drill it to get it known.

10. Assemble and issue packs of materials which describe the functions and duties of each hat.

11. Get these known.

12. Get the functions done so that the products occur.


The final product results when each of the prior steps in an organized activity is done.

This is what is called “organizing.”

As a comment, because railroads didn’t fully organize, their viability decayed and they ceased to be so used.

Railroads think it’s the government or airplane rivalry or many other things. It isn’t. They had too many missing hats, were actually too disorganized to keep pace with the society’s demands, ceased to fully deliver and declined. In fact there has never been a greater need of railroads than today. Yet, disorganized, badly org boarded and hatted, they do not furnish the service they should and so are opposed, government regulated, union hammered and caved in.

To have a quality product, organize!

To raise morale, organize!

To survive, organize!

pace in this sense means the rate of speed at which an activity or a motion or movement proceeds. Hence, keep pace with means to move, increase, change, advance, etc., at an equal rate as something else.

an organization of workers formed for improving economic conditions for their members; members of a union elect officials to represent them in talks with management. Also called labor union.

collapsed or broken down. From caved-in, a US Western term which symbolized mental or physical collapse as like being at the bottom of a mine shaft or in a tunnel when the supports collapsed and left the person under tons of debris.