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Once a person has been gotten off drugs, other factors must be addressed in order to achieve a full recovery. 

This applies to any former drug user, whether the person has recently withdrawn from drugs or stopped using them years earlier. It applies to persons who were never “hard drug users” as well as those who were. 

The Purification Program

We live in a chemical-oriented society. One would be hard put to find someone in the present-day civilization who is not affected by this fact. The vast majority of the public is subjected every day to the intake of food preservatives and other chemical poisons including atmospheric poisons, pesticides and the like. Added to this are the pain pills, tranquilizers and other medical drugs used and prescribed by doctors. And we have as well the widespread use of marijuana, LSD, angel dust and other street drugs which contribute heavily to the scene. 

In 1977, L. Ron Hubbard discovered that LSD apparently stays in the system for years after the person took it, lodging in the tissues—mainly the fatty tissues of the body—and is liable to go into action again, giving the person unpredictable “trips.”

The “restimulation” experienced by people who had been on LSD appeared to act as if they had just taken more LSD. 

From subsequent research it appears that not only LSD but other chemical poisons and toxic substances, preservatives and pesticides, as well as medical drugs and the long list of heavy street drugs (angel dust, heroin, marijuana, etc.) can lodge in the tissues and remain in the body for years. 

Even medicinal drugs such as diet pills, codeine, Novocain and others have gone into restimulation years after they were taken and had supposedly been eliminated from the body. 

Thus it seems that any or all of these hostile biochemical substances can get caught up in the tissues and their accumulation probably disarranges the biochemistry and fluid balance of the body. 

The consequences are numerous. Tests show that the learning rate of a person who has been on drugs is much lower than a nondrug person. And the memory of a person who has been on drugs is such as to remove him from fear of consequences. 

The being (thetan) of course has mental image pictures of these toxic substances and as long as those substances are in the body, they can restimulate a being. When they are gone from the body, the constant restimulation can cease. So it is actually a spiritual action that is being done. 

In Scientology, we have an effective method to cleanse the body of these substances; it is called the Purification program, and it will benefit anyone who lives in this society so inundated with toxins and chemicals. 

The Purification program is a tightly supervised regimen which includes: 


Sauna sweat-out 

Nutrition, including vitamins, minerals, etc., as well as oil intake 

A properly ordered personal schedule 

Exercise: The exercise on this program is in the form of running. The purpose of this is not to generate sweat but to get the blood circulating and the system functioning so that impurities held in the system can be released and are pumped out. 

Sauna sweat-out: Following the running, the person goes into the sauna to sweat. The impurities can now be dispelledfrom the body and leave the system through the pores. 

Nutrition (including vitamins, minerals and oil intake): When we speak of nutrition we are not talking only about food, but about vitamins and minerals as well, as these are vital to proper nutrition and vital to the effectiveness of this program. We are not, however, talking about “diet” in the overused sense of the word. The person simply eats what he normally eats. He should make sure he gets some vegetables and that the vegetables aren’t overcooked. 

Toxic substances tend to lock up mainly, but not exclusively, in the fat tissue of the body. The theory, then, is that one could replace the fat tissues that hold these toxic accumulations. The body will actually tend to hold on to something it is short of. Thus, if you try to get rid of something it is short of, it won't give it up. So, in the matter of oil, if the person takes some oil, the body might possibly exchange the good oil for the bad fat in the body. That is the basic theory. There are particular vegetable oils which are used for this purpose. 

One of the things that toxins and drugs do is create nutritional deficiencies in the body in the form of vitamin and mineral deficiencies. It is easily seen that there is a wide range of toxic substances which create nutritional deficiencies. Alcohol, for example, depends for its effects on a person being able to burn up vitamin B1. When it burns up all the B1 in the system the person goes into dt’s (delirium tremens) and nightmares. 

In the case of other toxic substances the probability exists that other vitamins besides B1 are burned up. What we seem to have hit on here is that the LSD and street drugs burn up not only B1 and B complex (which we assume they do) but also create a deficiency in niacin in the body and that they possibly depend on niacin (one of the B complex vitamins) for their effect. 

Niacin is essential to nutrition and vital to the effectiveness of the Purification program. It can produce some startling and, in the end, very beneficial results when taken properly on the program, along with the other necessary vitamins and minerals in sufficient and proportionate quantities and along with proper running and sweat-out. Taken in sufficient quantities it appears to break up and unleash LSD, marijuana and other drugs and poisons from the tissues and cells. It can rapidly release LSD crystals into the system. Running and sweating must be done in conjunction with taking niacin to ensure the toxic substances it releases actually do get flushed out of the body. 

A properly ordered personal schedule: It is important that a person on this program maintains a properly ordered personal schedule. This means that once one has started on the program he must stick to it sensibly and not skip days or do it in a random fashion. It also means that one should get enough sleep. If one proceeds through the program in an orderly fashion it will be faster and more effective. 

The Purification program does not supplant the actions described earlier in this course for persons currently on drugs who are apt to experience withdrawal symptoms when taken off of them. The program would be begun only after such technology was applied.

The purpose of this program is very simply to clean out and purify one’s system of all the accumulated impurities such as drugs, insecticides and pesticides, food preservatives, etc., which by their presence and restimulative effects could prevent or delay freeing the being spiritually through further Scientology processing. For someone who has taken LSD or angel dust this would include getting rid of any residual crystals from the body. 

As the person goes through the Purification program, one should be able to see an improvement in his physical well-being as he rids the system of its accumulated impurities. The result of this program is a purified body, free from the impurities, drugs, etc., that had accumulated in it. We are not concerned with handling bodies with the Purification program, however. Our concern is freeing the individual up spiritually. 

The Purification program is available under expert supervision in Scientology organizations and missions around the world. Also the book Clear Body, Clear Mind: The Effective Purification Program tells one exactly how this program is administered and describes all of its steps. 

One should be able to get through the whole program in two weeks at five hours a day. Some will take more and some will take less. 

With the Purification Program we now have the means to get rapid recovery from the effects of the accumulation of the environmental chemical poisons as well as the medical drugs and street drugs which inhibit a person mentally and spiritually. 

With the inclusion of vitamins, minerals and oils we are able to work toward restoring the biochemical balance of the body and make it possible for the body to reconstruct itself from the damage done by drugs and other biochemical substances. 

a chemical substance for destroying pests, especially insects, weeds, etc.

the reactivation of a memory of a past unpleasant experience due to similar circumstances in the present approximating circumstances of the past.

a drug obtained from opium, used as a painkiller or sedative and to inhibit coughing. (Opium is an addictive drug prepared from the juice of the poppy plant.)

a brand name for an anesthetic (a drug which nullifies pain) used in medicine and dentistry.

the person himself—not his body or his name, the physical universe, his mind or anything else—it is that which is aware of being aware; the identity which is the individual. The term thetan was coined to eliminate any possible confusion with older, invalid concepts. It comes from the Greek letter theta which the Greeks used to represent thought or perhaps spirit, to which an n is added to make a noun in the modern style used to create words in engineering.

three-dimensional color pictures with sound and smell and all other perceptions, plus the conclusions or speculations of the individual. They are mental copies of one’s perceptions sometime in the past, although in cases of unconsciousness or lessened consciousness they exist below the individual’s awareness.

a specific system, program, plan or course of action to attain some result. Also, a regulated system of diet, exercise, manner of living, etc., intended to preserve or restore health.

driven out or cleared away; removed.

one of the B complex vitamins which occurs naturally in foods such as cereal grains, eggs, liver and vegetables, and is used in medicine chiefly for preventing skin diseases. Niacin’s role on the Purification Program is fully described in Clear Body, Clear Mind.

a red color that appears on the face or body, sometimes when hot, or the hot feeling itself, within the body.

replace (one thing) by something else.

a program of exercise, sauna sweat-out, nutrition and properly ordered personal schedule. It cleans out and purifies one’s system of all the accumulated impurities such as drugs, insecticides and pesticides, food preservatives, etc., which by their presence and restimulative effects could prevent or delay freeing the being spiritually through Scientology processing.