ASSIGNMENT >> 17. Read “Ease of Handling.”


In handling the PTS person, the main emphasis has to be on properly doing the steps necessary to handle. If he does so, he will begin to get well, cease to have problems and no longer Roller Coaster. One must realize the simplicity of handling the PTS person: it requires no heroic or drastic actions and is done on a very, very gradual approach. It doesn’t have to be an explosive handling. It can be very gentle. Handling a PTS condition with a step-by-step approach frees the PTS from the restraints holding him back, brings the person up to a causative position and enables him to achieve a productive and rewarding life.

Detection of Anti-Social Personalities or Suppressive Persons not only brings relief to the individuals they affect, but recognition of these personalities and an understanding of the havoc they wreak would truly benefit all society. Likewise, knowing the traits of Social Personalities enables one to wisely choose those individuals for his friends and associates. With this knowledge and its application in everyday life, Man can create a sane community and civilization for himself, his family and his fellows.