ASSIGNMENT >> 21. Read “Public Relations Application.”


No matter how worthwhile your purpose or activity, you can’t just depend on the agreement and cooperation of others. Unless your purposes are made known and real, there is little reason for others to support your efforts.

Public relations is the method one can use to get that support.

There are many PR tools available. For instance, one has surveys to discover his publics and the reality and acceptance level of each. One has the ARC triangle with the two-way cycle of communication to raise affinity and reality. There is the knowledge of manners, granting importance to others and observing their rituals, which will help one successfully interact with them.

The tools are numerous, but they must be well known and skillfully applied in order to gain the agreement of others.

There are many worthy purposes that will help this world become a better place. But no man stands alone in society, and if one wants his purposes accomplished, the cooperation of others is always necessary.

If you have a purpose to help others and improve society, you can utilize public relations to make your task easier.

Many other people have similar goals to yours, and with this technology, you can reach them. Anything that is truly worthwhile is worth getting done—and you are not likely to accomplish it by yourself. PR is how you get others to work with you.

that which is acceptable, which the person desires or the degree of a person’s willingness to accept something.

a set of fixed actions and sometimes words performed regularly, especially as part of a religious ceremony or social custom.