ASSIGNMENT >> 20. Read “The Road Out.”


Only Scientology can fully handle the effects of drugs. 

The means to get someone off drugs are now known—nutritional handling and Objective Processes which help the person get through any period of “drying out.” 

The next action, then, is the Purification program. This program is for any person who has taken drugs or anyone subjected to toxic substances of any kind. 

And after a person has successfully finished the Purification program, processing on the Drug Rundown fully completes handling of the mental and spiritual effects of drugs. 

Without workable methods to handle the effects of drugs, many people are doomed to live in chemical shackles. While drugs may appear to have short-term benefits, they only mask problems, they don’t solve them. 

Other drug rehabilitation approaches have failed mainly because of a lack of knowledge. They lack a true understanding of the mind, there is little or no understanding of man’s spiritual nature, and the effects of drugs upon the mind and the being are unknown. The result is a materialistic (“man is an animal”) approach which ignores these fundamental and crucial factors. All this adds up to proven unworkability. 

Scientology, on the other hand, has a workable and extremely effective drug rehabilitation program because it addresses not only the correct problems, but the real sources of those problems. 

Through understanding of the true nature of man, the methods to handle the biochemical, mental and spiritual factors of drugs do exist. 

Scientology has the answers.

anything that restrains freedom of action, procedure, thought, etc. Literally, shackles are metal rings that fasten around the wrists or ankles of a captive or a prisoner.